Monday, June 6, 2011


In 2004, I got the news that Micah had decided to go to school in Longview, Texas. Before that, I had no intentions of continuing my education and I couldn't even pronounce "LeTourneau." School was never my forte and the idea of being away from what I knew was frightening. But, I knew I had to follow my guy and that's exactly what I did when I graduated high school in 2005. Six years, a wedding and a baby later... we're still here.
I grew up in West Palm Beach, Florida. Micah grew up in California. We met when he and his family started attending our church. I was 15; Micah was 16. (I'll fill you in on our story another time.) The beach has always been home to us, but it took moving to dear, ol', land-locked Texas to help us realize that. I guess you could say it was a "you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone" moment. The idea of moving back to the coast has been just that... an idea. For the last six years, we've been dreaming of the immaculate creation we left behind. When Micah first took this job with AAI, it was easier to stay in Longview. We had planted roots here whether we liked it or not. Now that his one year contract is almost completed, we've been trying to figure out where the Lord wants us next. It's become abundantly clear that Micah's mission in this war zone isn't over yet. He's been approved to deploy 3 months at a time with a month off in between. So, he'll be home in August; deploy September, October and November; home again in December and so on. We're excited for two big reasons: the financial stability that this job has allowed our family has been an amazing blessing, and Micah won't have to miss Benjamin's first Christmas and will be home just a few days after his first birthday. With the added heartache of missing his son, period, it was really important that he be here for those two big events.  
With that part of this journey confirmed, we had to decide whether or not we wanted to stay in Longview. I'll be honest; it's never really been home. Yes, we planted roots. Yes, we will miss our Texas family. Actually, there are a lot of things we'll miss, but we really feel the Lord leading us back to Florida.  My parents are still in West Palm and his family is in Georgia and North Carolina. We've always enjoyed visiting the west coast of Florida and my aunt, uncle and cousins are close by. So, Tampa - here we come! This past weekend, I left Ben with my in-laws and ventured to our dream location. With the help of my aunt and uncle (thank you!!), we were able to find an amazing house to rent in Riverview (about 30 minutes south of Tampa and only a short drive to amazing beaches like St. Pete and Anna Maria Island).
Join us as we embark on the next chapter of this adventure. Heaven only knows what kind of stories will unfold!

"If you have a book in you, for God's sake -

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  1. So excited for you, my friend! I'm glad you get to go back to Florida (and I have an extra reason to vacation there every once in a while ;-) ) Love that quote! Love ya'll!

    **Leslie D.**