Friday, July 1, 2011


Ever researched the origin of that word? Saying "goodbye" to someone back in the day literally meant "God be with you." I used to hate that word until I discovered that interesting meaning. I used to think saying "goodbye" was a bad thing. I've changed my mind because, the truth is, I sincerely do want God to be with whoever it is I'm leaving. Though this journey I've learned how important my relationship with the Lord is. I've said this over and over but it's still (and will always be) true: I don't know how people can walk through life without a personal relationship and enduring, merciful love of a Savior. I could give you example after example of how God has proven that love for me. My prayer and hope is that all I come in contact with are willing to experience that abiding love I know He's so willing to give.
I'm looking forward to this new chapter of life I'm about to embark on. It's exciting to see how God works in the lives of His children. Throughout my busy, overwhelming days and pity-party nights, God continues to prove that His mercies are new every morning. (Lamentations 3:22-33)
As the move away from Longview is staring me in the face, I'm reminded of how blessed I truly am. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the box-filled dining room and the overwhelming thoughts of the unknown that I lose sight of the fact that I've been blessed with great friends who have helped fill those boxes with precious memories of the amazing Texas chapter of life. And those thoughts of the unknown are not as overwhelming as I think they are. "Unknown" will mean lots of new and exciting adventures and, if nothing else, some good future writing material. I'm not a pessimist by nature, but the devil roars that ugly head of his far more than I would like. Putting scary and uninvited thoughts of what could be, trying to make me lose sight of that loving Savior that has promised to take care of me.
In other news, my sweet Benjamin is thriving nicely, thank you. I find myself constantly wondering what I ever did without those deep blue, almond shaped eyes and great big smile that welcomes me every morning. Just another one of those reminders of new mercies, I think. So far, we haven't discovered any of the physical health issues that sometimes go along with having an extra chromosome, so we're grateful. Either way, though, my baby is just perfect. He sleeps soundly at night (and for about eleven hours at a time - true story) and usually only fusses if that cute tummy of his is asking to be filled.
Micah is doing well, too. He's been busier than he was before his month off for two reasons; 1) they're severely short handed so no half shifts off like before and 2) the weather is good so being down for weather is rare. We're ready for the much needed break that August 9th-September 17th will bring and I'm so excited to finally see what it's like to be a family of three. (Well, four if you count Roxy).
Only two short weeks left. So, goodbye, my dear Texas family. Don't forget how blessed you are. Be encouraged in the journey. I look forward to continuing to encourage you with mine.

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