Wednesday, August 17, 2011


As I sit here reminiscing about the previous weeks adventures, my heart leaps with excitement. Micah landed in Asheville, NC on August 9th and he was greeted with lots of open arms, big smiles and "Welcome Home, Daddy" signs. The next few days were spent nestled in the Blue Ridge and Smoky mountains, exploring God's creation and enjoying being together. Together... what a wonderful word.
Our blissful third honeymoon in Mexico just came to an end. After our mountain adventure, we spent four days in what I swear Heaven will be like. We needed that vacation. (Ben enjoyed time with his Poppy and Gammy in Atlanta while we were galavanting around paradise.)
Tomorrow we will venture to the lake. More fun in the sun with our dear Greenwald family. We are desperately looking forward to catching up. (And Benjamin can hardly contain his excitement about meeting Ashley's parents, Boot and Papa G, and reuniting with his bff, Cade.)

Alright, now for the heart wrenching news from these past weeks. I always knew Micah was in a dangerous area. Sending the love of your life off to a war zone is not an easy thing to process. The "what if's" can be overwhelming.
Micah never leaves base. Theoretically, that's a good thing. He enjoys his job that allows him play a part of saving lives, and I'm grateful the Lord has blessed him with such an awesome opportunity. My biggest fear from the very beginning was the "what if the enemy shoots at your base" clause. Micah never talked to me about that. He assured me everything was perfectly safe on base.
... The "what if's" can be overwhelming.
Lo and behold, that pesky "what if" was more than a saying. The clause at the end of my thought process became horribly true. What if the enemy shoots at your base, you may ask? Well, all God's children scatter to the nearest bunker and hang tight for the "all clear" over the loud speaker. Close calls happen on an entirely too frequent basis. I could explain more about this, but I'm still in the process of wrapping my mind around what's actually been happening over the last year. Here I thought my husband was way safer than he actually was. Micah's pretty pessimistic. So, yes, it does actually make me feel a lot better hearing him say with complete confidence that, "God's got my back. There's nothing to worry about." But...
...The "what if's" can be overwhelming.

I'm so thankful we have roughly an entire month to enjoy being a family and completely ignore the "what if's." You can bet I'll be filling you in on our happenings.


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  1. I got those same stories when Ruedi came home. And just a word of advice - it does you no good to think or worry on them. Fact of the matter is the 'what-if's' DIDN'T happen. Enjoy today, without worry about yesterday. Your sanity will thank you. I promise.