Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Today has been one of those "Seriously?!" days around here. There's nothing like waking up to the sound of the smoke alarm going off at 3am... then 4am... then 5am... then; okay, you get the idea. Each time my heart felt like it was going to pump out of my chest as I ran to Ben's room while dogs whimpered from their crates. (There was no fire, just so we're clear. Dead battery that I didn't think about taking out in the middle of the night. I know; I'm brilliant.) After the very sweet lady from the fire department walked me through what had probably happened in the middle of the night, my tired eyes peeled open enough to throw on clothes that didn't match and pop Benjamin in his car seat. We stumbled in the car just in time to make it to his 9am doctors appointment. I turned the key. Nothing. I turned it again. Nada. Really?! We stumbled back into the house and I called the pediatrician just in time for them to say "We're going to have to charge you a cancellation fee." Really!?
A little while later, Mr. Property Manager called me in a fit of rage. "Did you pay rent?" "Yes, sir." "Why didn't you pay it in full?" "Excuse me?" Yes, I did in fact need you to accuse me of outing you money before you checked with the bank. Thanks for that. Seeeeriously?!
I know these may seem like trivial things. And, well, they may be. But they were overwhelming this morning and it was another "Micah would know what to do" moment that I couldn't get through easily.
I hopped on good 'ol Facebook just now and I swear fifteen people posted something about counting your blessings today.
So, I did. I counted my blessings.
1. Ben fell asleep until the very last minute and I was, in fact, able to sleep for a few minutes before our car fiasco and fake-out pediatrician appointment.      
2. AAA came quickly, jump started my dead battery, relayed the message that it was indeed a bad battery, and changed it there on the spot cheaper than the two other places I had called earlier.
3. One of the mechanics I called turned out to be a great place to a) get my oil changed and b) get more information about churches in town.
4. Despite the super fun cancellation fee, Ben was able to get an appointment for tomorrow. Easily.
5. Facebook delivered. Thanks, God.

On to other news...
I haven't started Genesis yet. No good reason. Just haven't yet. Apology number one of many, I'm sure.

October is Down Syndrome Awareness month! (It's also Breast Cancer Awareness month, just FYI). I know there are DS Buddy Walk's happening all over the country this month and I'd love to figure out the ins and outs of these suckers so we can show off our spectacular Little Dude this year. So, if you have any info about the Buddy Walk,  please pass that along! Email me or leave a comment here. Whether it's in Florida or not, I just need to know how to get it started. Yes, I've Googled it. Yes, I'm overwhelmed. So, pretty please help a girl out? :)

Happy October! (It's gorgeous here this week, by the way! Hello, Florida Fall!)

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