Friday, October 7, 2011


We discovered a little hideaway this afternoon. After pretending housework didn't exist and our random Target trip, I had an "I have to escape" instant. And that we did. 

Nestled between the smoke stacks that lead us home and the kind of water you don't swim in, we discovered our little beach teaser. 
When Micah and I were exploring our new area, we both decided that Apollo Beach would be the perfect town if 1) we had a boat and 2) it actually had a beach.

 Hello there, number two. So glad to make your acquaintance. 

Usually infested with the over 50 crowd, the white sugar was all ours for the thirty minutes we braved it before God started His firework display. 
And, mercy, it was a heavenly half hour.

That's what life is about. The little moments that add up to stories you'll tell your kids one day. 

Soak it up, fellas.  

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  1. that is so wonderful :)
    I miss you and ben so much!! love you both :)