Saturday, October 29, 2011


"My mom was a warrior mom." Those words rang through my miss-mosh of a brain the morning after, somewhere in between calling my parents and moving rooms. I've known the Lin's for six years. I started babysitting Rachel and Harrison shortly after taking the job at School for Little Children in '05 and I proceeded to enjoy their sweet dispositions, bright eyes and perfect behavior twice a week (minimum) until Ben was born. They were my kids and I was appropriately addicted. You really can't spend that much time with someone's children without striking up a friendship with their parents. A friend of mine explained it perfectly; Paul was my dad and Chi Chi was my sister. Paul took care of me in every sense of the word. He protected me from doctor's who shouldn't be practicing medicine and was always a phone call or text away. Everything from, "I have this sniffle; what should I take?" to "I need a tire gage." Not to mention the teeny task of delivering my sweet baby boy and saving my life. Ya know; the little things...
Chi Chi was my go-to. When I imagine what having a big sister would be like, my mind goes to Chi Chi Lin. Random lunch dates and asking advice; gossiping about those shoes and what to get our husbands for Christmas; knowing just what I needed to hear when I needed to hear it.
The already close bond we had for all those years suddenly blossomed into something inconceivable and completely Heaven sent. Chi Chi's oldest sister wears the same genes Benjamin does. When we found out, she was the first one there. She came in and hugged me like no one else could've. We cried together and she said those blessed words. "My mom was a warrior mom. She fought for my sister just like you'll fight for Ben. She's the strongest woman I've ever known. I see that strength in you."
So in the spirit of Down Syndrome Awareness Month...
What's up, fellow warriors! Let's FIGHT!

In other news...
This weekend is going to kick some major tail feathers. Complete with Halloween festivities including pumpkin carving, cider sipping and pirate-themed-drive-way-candy-passer-outers. Oh, yes. Tons 'o pics will be taken, my friends. My little parrot will be charming the hearts of trick-or-treaters everywhere!

Arrrr, mateys! And Happy Halloween!

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