Saturday, October 22, 2011


Micah has one of the most random ipod's ever. You won't be surprised to find road trip playlist's consisting of everything from Kings of Leon to Motley Crue to Family Force Five and Stryper. The man has an obsession. He usually borrows the steering wheel to "play" along, and if I had a penny for every time I've heard, "Listen to this fill right here," I swear I could retire.
When he's home, the first thing he does when he stumbles out of bed is either A) plug his ipod into the speakers on the TV or B) blast the bejesus out of the ones on his computer.
We've had the pleasure of seeing some of the greatest, most famous bands in the world. His obsession with music (a.k.a Amazing Drummers) has lead us to concerts that would probably make my Grandmother Bea turn over in her grave. (Singing How Great Thou Art at a Stix show would be a sight to see... But, I digress...)
One thing we've always noticed are the differences between the secular side and the Jesus side. The difference isn't what they're wearing, the style they play or even who they're on tour with at the time. 
One of my favorite shows we've ever seen has been Flyleaf. When we saw them open up for  Three Days Grace in Shreveport, Louisiana, the audience was floored when little miss lead singer hopped up on a speaker and belted out How He Loves Us in true Flyleaf fashion. (And, good Lord, does that chick know how to belt). The even mixture of claps, howls, and "boo's" coming from the audience didn't phase Lacey at all. She was worshipping her Heavenly Father and that's all that mattered. 
I grew up around people who swore bands like Flyleaf, Stryper and Superchick were going to hell for playing "that kind" of music. The kind that involves loud guitars, "killer fills," big hair and dark eye liner. The stuff that they blame for dwindling the youth of the world and teaching them that there's no difference between secular bands and Christian ones. For a long time those condemnations and inaccurate "truths" made me angry. It's become more of a sympathetic thing now because I feel like they've completely missed the point of what bands like this are doing. Have you ever listened to the words to their songs? Instead of singing about drugs, sex and beating up something, we're actually reminded, taught and encouraged. Imagine that.

My point is: Worship the Lord. Whether that be with a drum set, a steel guitar, a pen and paper or a good run. He gave us talents so we can use those to bring glory to Him. Our job is not to condemn; it's to point people to His saving mercy. So, do it.  

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  1. Amen, sister! Thanks for the encouragement!!