Sunday, November 27, 2011


In my book, Thanksgiving is just the prerequisite to the grand finale. I was born and raised a Christmas fanatic complete with busting a move to Holly Jolly Christmas in July (much to my husband's dismay). All the men in my family are married in, so it's only natural that the women are all in conjunction about the simultaneous Christmas spirit. Us chickadee's stick together, ya know. Sorry, fellas.

Thanksgiving seemed different this year. We came together. Turkey numbed the pain of home repair, job if's, empty chairs and diagnosis. We laid burdens down at the mailbox and thanked God we wouldn't have to pick them up alone on the way out. We were able to just 

For Micah and I, this year has been etched in our memories like something out of a Hallmark movie. So much has happened that has forever changed our lives. In the midst of many emotions, I know I have so much to be grateful for.  I'm grateful for a little boy who God blessed with almond shaped eyes because those eyes couldn't have been designed more perfectly. I'm grateful for a husband who makes sacrifices, for us and for his country, so we can have a better future. I'm grateful for family; blood related or not. I'm grateful for a Savior who loves me despite of my pity parties. Truly, though, I am most grateful to be alive. Cliche, but that just seems to sum it up nicely. I'm grateful God allows me to wake up because there was a day I shouldn't have been able to do that. 

In a mere 3 weeks from yesterday, our little family will gather and experience what Christmas is like together. Micah and I haven't celebrated Christmas together in two years and adding the little dude into the mix is just whipped cream on the pecan pie. (Which was delicious, by the way). 

Hope you and yours had a delightful time eating too much and fighting over the sale papers. Oh, and if you braved the hell on earth that is Black Friday, more power to ya, sistah! I was nestled safely under the warm, cozy covers. Hope you made it out in one piece. 

Happy Sunday, Blogosphere! May the Christmas music officially commence! 

Saturday, November 19, 2011


This week has been one of good, bad and ugly. 

Speaks for itself. 

It is completely impossible to have a bad day when you wake up to this dude. For real. 

I was just explaining to someone how blessed Micah and I are with the communication situation. We are able to talk at some point everyday and Skype is a regular occurrence. Most families who have loved ones in the sandbox can't say those things, so we know full well how fortunate we've been. Ah, yes, "how fortunate we've been." While somebody somewhere did something stupid, Micah and his buddies are, in turn, paying for their bad decision. Our communication level has officially changed and the morale of the group has hit the floor. Internet has been their only glimpse of normalcy and taking that away means hours of boredom and too much time to think. Fit could hit that shan, people. Pray hard. 

Nothing worse than being sick while taking care of an infant. Two movie days, soup and gatorade later and wa-lah. No snuggling and careful feeding worked and little man came out unscathed. Mommy has recovered well and the in-laws are thankful. 

Things don't always go the way we plan. People make stupid decisions, feelings get hurt, germs get spread and technology fails. It's just the way it is. Sometimes it comes in strides; other times it piles on until we break. Either way I'm sure of one thing - - - 
Nothing surprises God

So, take it one thing at a time and remember the good things. 

Ben would want it that way. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Have you ever had an interaction with someone and left going, "I should've said this" or "I would've done that differently"? When a woman stopped my friend in the mall and asked if the baby she was with was named Benjamin, we both froze in our tracks. How on earth did she know his name? She proceeded to explain that she recognized him from my blog. Say what? She gave me compliment after compliment (after realizing that it was me who wrote it... not my friend who apparently is my twin - 4 inches taller, of course). I graciously thanked her and we went on our way. When I was thinking about what she said and how amazing it was to realize that people I haven't met are somehow being blessed by my story, I caught myself pondering how I could've handled it better.
See, folks, this is not about me. Though I'm thankful the Lord has blessed me with the apparent eloquence of stringing together words that somehow encourage others, it comes down to the words you may have missed... the Lord has blessed me. I don't just write because I enjoy it; I don't just write because I know somebody's reading it. Don't get me wrong; those are on the list, but number one is because I love the Lord. I want to bring glory to Him.
Because He's good, people! All the time. 
So if I had it to do over again... "I appreciate the encouragement, but it's not about me."

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


 I've always loved having people over. When we first got married, our home was the mecca for our friends. There was rarely a weekend (or weekday for that matter) that somebody didn't stop by for a quick hug or a famous Micah meal. All we had to do was turn on the grill and the crowd would gather. The mid week preparations and the last minute to do list that accompanies making sure whoever comes over leaves their stresses at the door was my job while he took care of the meal and entertainment. I love picking up messes afterward and remembering just how that towel got there or who wore those shoes they forgot. He loves making up recipes and finding things to do. We are the perfect entertaining team.
Since half my team is enjoying another time zone when such events take place now-a-days, I've reluctantly picked up the slack. And I did a pretty dang good job this weekend. (Yeah; I'm okay with tooting my own horn every now and then.)  
Girlfriends + Disney + Beach + Perfect Weather + Good Food + Cute Grandparents... I mean, really. Could you ask for anything else? That's the jest of our much needed, completely relaxing, overdue girl time. I needed this weekend for, if nothing else, proof that I can pick up the slack. I miss Micah daily, but I've had to learn how to be independent. I miss him most with stupid things like reaching the top shelf or changing a light bulb. So I feel accomplished and proud when I do those things... and do them well.


Our little parrot charmed the hearts of trick-or-treaters just as I suspected. He snoozed away as the pirates passed out treasures, sipped cider and hot chocolate, got eaten alive by mosquitos and complimented the princesses. It was epic. (Yes, dear, I used the word epic. Be proud.) 

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


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