Wednesday, November 9, 2011


 I've always loved having people over. When we first got married, our home was the mecca for our friends. There was rarely a weekend (or weekday for that matter) that somebody didn't stop by for a quick hug or a famous Micah meal. All we had to do was turn on the grill and the crowd would gather. The mid week preparations and the last minute to do list that accompanies making sure whoever comes over leaves their stresses at the door was my job while he took care of the meal and entertainment. I love picking up messes afterward and remembering just how that towel got there or who wore those shoes they forgot. He loves making up recipes and finding things to do. We are the perfect entertaining team.
Since half my team is enjoying another time zone when such events take place now-a-days, I've reluctantly picked up the slack. And I did a pretty dang good job this weekend. (Yeah; I'm okay with tooting my own horn every now and then.)  
Girlfriends + Disney + Beach + Perfect Weather + Good Food + Cute Grandparents... I mean, really. Could you ask for anything else? That's the jest of our much needed, completely relaxing, overdue girl time. I needed this weekend for, if nothing else, proof that I can pick up the slack. I miss Micah daily, but I've had to learn how to be independent. I miss him most with stupid things like reaching the top shelf or changing a light bulb. So I feel accomplished and proud when I do those things... and do them well.


Our little parrot charmed the hearts of trick-or-treaters just as I suspected. He snoozed away as the pirates passed out treasures, sipped cider and hot chocolate, got eaten alive by mosquitos and complimented the princesses. It was epic. (Yes, dear, I used the word epic. Be proud.) 

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  1. You were SUCH a great host! I had so much fun! I miss you & Ben a ton! Thanks again for everything!