Sunday, November 27, 2011


In my book, Thanksgiving is just the prerequisite to the grand finale. I was born and raised a Christmas fanatic complete with busting a move to Holly Jolly Christmas in July (much to my husband's dismay). All the men in my family are married in, so it's only natural that the women are all in conjunction about the simultaneous Christmas spirit. Us chickadee's stick together, ya know. Sorry, fellas.

Thanksgiving seemed different this year. We came together. Turkey numbed the pain of home repair, job if's, empty chairs and diagnosis. We laid burdens down at the mailbox and thanked God we wouldn't have to pick them up alone on the way out. We were able to just 

For Micah and I, this year has been etched in our memories like something out of a Hallmark movie. So much has happened that has forever changed our lives. In the midst of many emotions, I know I have so much to be grateful for.  I'm grateful for a little boy who God blessed with almond shaped eyes because those eyes couldn't have been designed more perfectly. I'm grateful for a husband who makes sacrifices, for us and for his country, so we can have a better future. I'm grateful for family; blood related or not. I'm grateful for a Savior who loves me despite of my pity parties. Truly, though, I am most grateful to be alive. Cliche, but that just seems to sum it up nicely. I'm grateful God allows me to wake up because there was a day I shouldn't have been able to do that. 

In a mere 3 weeks from yesterday, our little family will gather and experience what Christmas is like together. Micah and I haven't celebrated Christmas together in two years and adding the little dude into the mix is just whipped cream on the pecan pie. (Which was delicious, by the way). 

Hope you and yours had a delightful time eating too much and fighting over the sale papers. Oh, and if you braved the hell on earth that is Black Friday, more power to ya, sistah! I was nestled safely under the warm, cozy covers. Hope you made it out in one piece. 

Happy Sunday, Blogosphere! May the Christmas music officially commence! 

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