Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I'm old. There; I said it. And I know all you fogies out there older than me are going, "Honey, you just wait" but good Lord! Kids I used to babysit are blossoming their way into college. Gah.
The big 2-5 just hit me in the face and I'm not terribly sure I like it. Time is flying, people. I swear I blinked and year 24 is completely faded into the abyss.

It's funny, though. Surrender, that is. There are so many times where I can look back at the 'big stuff' and see God's handiwork in my life. I know He promised to work all things together for good [Romans 8:28] but 7.5 times out of 10 we don't see the 'good' part of the 'all things' until later. When we're in the midst of a storm it's hard to see past the port hole. Our view is often clouded by emotions, insecurities and pride. We're so willing to 'let go and let God' when the water's calm, but then we have a conniption when He actually takes over. It's human nature, but sometimes I wish it wasn't. Guess it just makes Heaven look that much sweeter.

I've made a remarkable conclusion, though. God uses people to influence people. It's why we value opinions of our peers; why hearing something negative (or positive) about someone can drastically change how we view them; it's why you're probably reading this blog.
Everybody has a story. What matters is how you tell it. What matters is whether or not you're willing to let God use it; use you to further His kingdom. It's so easy to get caught up in the waves. You may look like a wet dog when you come out on the other side, but that'll be one heck of a story to tell the world, don't you think?

So today. Oh blessed today. Today I'm thankful for new friends, old friends, new directions, promises, let downs, good, bad, ugly and awesome. Alright, maybe 25 isn't so bad after all.

In other news...

Benjamin will be having surgery on February 13th. Nothing major and it may turn out to be less of a deal than we're thinking right now. Nonetheless, Dude's ears have got to be checked out. So while he snoozes, Doc ENT will clean out the little devils, inspect his hearing, and decide whether or not he needs tubes. It'll be tougher on mom than on him; of this I have no doubt. However 'minor' this may be, your prayers would be welcomed and appreciated.

Wondering what Micah's up to? I'm so glad you asked. We've welcomed a new chapter into our lives... again. After lots of advice, prayers, and investigation, he has started online classes for Air Traffic Control. It's something he's been talking about since the moment he graduated and something that seems to make the most sense for getting Daddy back home for good. So, Ben and I will be staying put for the time being and proceeding on with life as planned. Micah will continue with his 3-1 schedule and march through online classes in between saving lives. We're excited to have an end in sight. We're not sure how far away the end is, but there's an end. And that's all that matters.

Don't forget about Benjamin's Rockstar Fund! Only a few more months to see how much we can raise in support of Ben and his buddies. Every dollar counts. Click HERE to donate. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Happy Birthday to Me and Happy February to You!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


There are a lot of things happening in our lives right now. Good things; just a lot. It feels good to be busy, though. Now that I feel settled here in Florida, I've been able to get more involved with life instead of just waiting on life to get involved with me. You gotta be a friend to have one, right? 

Speaking of friends...
Ben has some buddies to play with this weekend. Christy and I have gotten to know each other the past few months since we share the whole "hubby's gone" thing. She and her three boys ventured to our neck of the woods to enjoy the Florida winter. 
Here are some snapshots so you can see just how much we suffer down here this time of year. 

In other news...
I'm really not sure Benjamin could get any cuter. With his rockstar hair, infectious smile and daddy's blue eyes - Lord, have mercy! Dude's gonna break a whole lotta hearts one day. 
While daddy was home we learned how to sit on our own, clap, wave and even gained a few additions. Houston, we have teeth! 

His nine month appointment left us with a some unanswered questions that have allowed us to meet a few other doctors. Not to worry; he's doing fine. Just some minor issues we're working through. He's developing the way he should be, learning new and exciting things everyday. Not to mention that he's the perfect child. I could probably count on one hand the times I've seen the kid actually upset. 

We're just getting into the groove of counting down days [86]. We've basically eliminated phase one thanks to said "hubby's gone, too" friend and we've somewhat sailed into phase two. I told another friend recently that it's "strangely okay this time." Not because I'm somehow used to having my husband gone, but because by God's grace we've learned how to manage it. And for that I'm grateful. 

Thanks for helping us sail. We'll update you on wind patterns. Happy Sunday!

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Love, Ben

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


There are a lot of things I don't love about life right now. I do not (and probably will never) love: cold weather, onions, feet, traffic, Afghanistan, It's Always Sunny, being sick, indecision, lack of communication, reading and dust.

Oh but this?

This I love.

There is nothing better than watching a little boy and his daddy bond. Nothing

They were made for each other. 


This break has flown. We've been here and there, people have come and gone, Christmas decorations haven't budged and life has been grand. This three-one schedule we're trying to balance has it's up sides, but we're looking forward to the end of that road; however long it turns out to be. 
The most popular statement we get is usually: "I don't know how you do it." 
I've got news for you...
We just do what we've gotta do. 
If God dealt you the hand He's dealt us, you'd survive it, too. Promise
Plus, it's amazing what you can get through with a little simplicity. 
We take it one day, sometimes one moment at a time and just breathe. 
Throw in a few good people, lots of prayer and always keeping the line of communication open and
 wa-lah! Success. 
It's all good. 

Seeing this everyday doesn't hurt either.

Hope your Christmas and New Year celebrations were as wonderful as ours. 
Happy Tuesday!