Tuesday, January 10, 2012


There are a lot of things I don't love about life right now. I do not (and probably will never) love: cold weather, onions, feet, traffic, Afghanistan, It's Always Sunny, being sick, indecision, lack of communication, reading and dust.

Oh but this?

This I love.

There is nothing better than watching a little boy and his daddy bond. Nothing

They were made for each other. 


This break has flown. We've been here and there, people have come and gone, Christmas decorations haven't budged and life has been grand. This three-one schedule we're trying to balance has it's up sides, but we're looking forward to the end of that road; however long it turns out to be. 
The most popular statement we get is usually: "I don't know how you do it." 
I've got news for you...
We just do what we've gotta do. 
If God dealt you the hand He's dealt us, you'd survive it, too. Promise
Plus, it's amazing what you can get through with a little simplicity. 
We take it one day, sometimes one moment at a time and just breathe. 
Throw in a few good people, lots of prayer and always keeping the line of communication open and
 wa-lah! Success. 
It's all good. 

Seeing this everyday doesn't hurt either.

Hope your Christmas and New Year celebrations were as wonderful as ours. 
Happy Tuesday!