Monday, February 13, 2012


You know those people who can wake up without hitting the snooze button? Like actually wake up. They're happy, energized and completely ready for the day.
Yeah... I'm not like that.
When Micah and I got engaged, my roommates warned that dear boy about my morning routine.
I believe their exact words were, "You're not gonna want to talk to her when she first wakes up. Just give her space, man."
I've never been one of those people who can just hop out of bed and be excited that it's morning. I'll rise and shine eventually. Just don't rush me. And no; it doesn't matter what's on the agenda for that day, how "gently" you tell me "it's time to wake up," how much sunlight is beaming through the curtains you've flung open... I'm just not going to be pleasant. In fact, I've probably had choice words for those of you who have done those things. My bad. 
It's a flaw of mine and I've come to grips with it.

My son, though?
Dude wakes up like this...

That's no lie. 
I snapped this while changing a morning diaper. 

He's seriously the happiest, most content kid in the world. His smile is infectious and he's never been one to avoid new friends. He waves at everyone even if they don't wave back.
 I envy and crave his joyfulness. 
It's incredible. 

Today was no different with Dude's mood. 
That infectiousness boiled over onto everyone we came in contact with. 
Our morning started insanely early [much to my time clock's dismay], but it resulted in a much needed and ultimately wonderful experience. The "hurry up and wait" mentality at St. Joe's was nicely balanced by incredibly sweet doctor's and nurses who made this mama's nervous heart settle down.
There was really no need for nervousness, though, because Ben was perfect [per usual]. His ENT and Audiologist were impressed with his hearing ability and lack of fluid in those teeny ears. [Side note: Benjamin is 10 months old and his ear canals are said to be the size of a newborn.] He's never been able to pass previous hearing tests. Not because he can't hear, which was confirmed today, but because there was never an instrument small enough to get an accurate reading. We made the decision to do a sedated ABR hearing test several months ago and were finally able to get all straightened out along with the ENT appointment to see if there would be a need for tubes. 
Two birds with one stone, baby! 

Thank you for all the well wishes and prayers today. They were truly felt and appreciated.
 And special shout out to Cory for keeping me sane. 

A very happy Monday to you all! 

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  1. Praise GOD!!! Good news.....wonderful day!!! Prayers answered!!!