Tuesday, February 28, 2012


After an inadvertent hiatus [because I'm awesome and left the power source to Mr. Computer plugged in a thousand miles away], I am happy to announce we are back! It's nice to be here, thank you. Since I've been aching to tell you what we've been up to these past few weeks, without further ado... 

My son never ceases to amaze me. I've become a little more of a worry wart in my old age, but I'm starting to learn there's really no reason for it. Ben has experienced more in his little life than most sweet babies and he has always handled new things like the champ I know he is. This fact was proven again during his first flight! [applause, applause, applause] 

He was so intrigued by his surroundings. He hardly made a peep, played with some toys, enjoyed a snack or two and our last leg was spent cuddled up like so... 

Where were we headed, you ask?
Back to good 'ol Longview, Texas to surprise the handful of people we still know there. Rule number one of surprises: always have a videographer. Longview is the land where nothing has changed yet everything is different. It felt strange driving past memories. Going back proved that the roots we had planted have been moved and engulfed in salt water. And I'm glad. 
But it was oh so good seeing said wonderful people. Texas delivered some of the best friends our little family could ask for. These women should have medals proclaiming "I'm Awesome" along with a cape like Wonder Woman. 
[We can nix the ever-so-sexy head piece, though.] 
We spent our week eating junk food, catching up on chick flicks, staying up way too late and 
 enjoying some much needed girl talk. 

It was a junior high slumber party... with kids. 
Including this little gem who I snuggled with as often as I could.

Brooklyne Taylor Jensen, you have your Auntie Amber wrapped around that little finger of yours.

The 'View was needed, appreciated and well spent. 
Here are some more snap shots from our week. 



In other news: 
We have started a new journey with Early Steps. As his fearlessly wonderful therapist [She needs a cape, too] said, "He's not behind, but we want to make sure it stays that way." Our first session was this past Monday and Ben enjoyed Ms. Jan. She pulled out her Mary Poppins bag and her never ending supply of learning tools and tricks. As Momma, I'm thrilled to allow such wisdom into my home on a weekly basis.

Also, this little blog of mine has entered a contest. It's an honor to have been placed in the Top 25, but I need your help to keep it there. Just click HERE or the little badge on the left side of my page to vote. You can give us a "thumbs up" once a day until the contest is over [March 7th]. Thank you to those who have been voting and keep 'em comin'!

And don't forget about our fund for Ben's Rockin' First Birthday! The National Down Syndrome Society needs your help and we would love nothing more than to meet [and surpass] our one thousand dollar goal. What a fantastic birthday present that would be! 

Speaking of birthdays, Benjamin will be 11 months old tomorrow! I can't believe it either. His milestones are nothing short of a miracle and we are so blessed God gave us our little dude. 

What the heck; we'll give him a cape, too. 

Happy Tuesday, my friends.

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