Wednesday, March 14, 2012


If you forgot to bust out your telescope last night, you missed this. Star gazing at it's finest.
[Don't worry. Telescopes weren't imperative.]

As Ben and I were driving back from Orlando last night, I watched in amazement as the stars shown brighter than I had ever seen. I was [this] close to pulling over and connecting the dots. I heard on the radio that Jupiter and Venus were visible and, boy, were they ever. 
It's always incredible to think that the God who created such wonders as the planets and constellations cares so much about His creation on Earth. Miraculous to know that if the Earth wasn't positioned so intricately in the line up that we would either melt or freeze to death. 
How anyone could believe that something like that actually just "happened" is beyond me. 
[Please don't argue with me. Thank you.] 

Why were we in Orlando? Duh...

We put our annual passes to good use and ventured into Animal Kingdom. It was fabulous. Packed with Spring Breakers, but still fab. 



Among those Spring Breakers was the Lin family. Have I mention how much I love them? Because I do. A lot.


See how amazing God is? We're not melting and He loves us enough to place people in our lives exactly when we need them. 

That's all. 

Oh wait... So I went to this super cute baby shower last weekend. Seriously. Look at this. 



Ridiculous, right? Bravo, Corinne. And way to be preggo, Erica. 

Okay, that's all now. 

Happy Spring Break! [Remember to wear sunscreen, keep your arms and legs inside the tram and never stop when people are trying to walk. K, thanks.] 

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