Thursday, March 29, 2012

Full Circle

Today is a good day. We've come full circle.

At this time one year ago, we were waiting on Mr. Benjamin to make March 29th his birthday. I was in epidural bliss, my mother-in-law read her book quietly and Micah patiently paced, sporting his "this is awesome" smirk every time he looked at me. Throughout the day, amidst the oxygen mask, came nurse shift changes. I was thrilled when Elizabeth came in and hugged my neck. I had fallen in love with her little Ellie during the school year, and what a huge blessing to have our conversation about whether or not she would be working the night I went into labor turn into blissful reality. It was roughly 6:30pm when Paul came in after we had determined something had to be wrong when I had been stuck at 5 centimeters all afternoon. Dude was coming out smiling. He was ready to see the world, but couldn't do it on his own. "If you were Chi Chi, I'd tell you to have a c-section." When your doctor says he'd advise his wife one way, you don't argue. You hold your breath and trust that you're going to be in impeccable hands.

Less than 30 minutes later, Benjamin Popejoy Webb made his appearance. "Is he cute?" may have been the dumbest question I've ever asked someone. I mean, really.

It was a spectacular night. I stared; I counted fingers and toes; Eskimo kisses masked the surgery pain and I appropriately melted around that tiny little finger.

It was Heavenly ignorance. It was the calm before the storm.  
It was perfect.

When I say we've come full circle, I mean it. I may have had to learn how to love my child the way he deserves, I may have needed to allow this year to kick me in the butt, but ultimately... full circle, baby. That perfection I clung to never left; it just hid for a little while. And boy, am I glad it decided to bust down the doors and show off.

I have a one year old.  
Do what now? When the heck did that happen?

We're going to celebrate today. Only a mild acknowledgment, though. We'll be celebrating for the next month. Gotta ease into it, ya know.

Ben's an amazing kid. I couldn't be more proud of who he is and I'm so excited to see who he becomes. My grandmother just called to wish him a happy birthday and I think she described him perfectly: "There's just something about that boy. I don't know what it is, but he sure is perfect."

Full circle, baby.

Happy First Birthday, Ben! Your parents and adoring fans 
love you very much!


  1. "this is awesome" smirk...hehe I love that. Happy 1st year to Benjamin, you, and Micah! At only a year old, Ben has already made a huge impact on this world. LOVE him.

  2. He is perfect indeed!! Happy birthday Ben! Your auntie bee loves you very much!!