Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What If

I've read a lot of birth stories since Ben was born. They've all been scarily similar from the beginning. "Doctor's said 'I'm sorry, but your son/daughter has Down Syndrome.'" We've all heard those words, been given books and information, cried with our spouses and grieved the loss of a child we weren't expecting. While I'm not diminishing the fact that those emotions are real and need to be dealt with, I've been wondering how things could be different.

What if one word could change a persons realm of thinking. What if your reaction had the power to change theirs. What if we valued life. I've read statistics that say between 80 and 90 percent of parents who receive a prenatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome choose to terminate the pregnancy. I wonder what would've happened if those parents had heard, "Congratulations, your child has been blessed with an extra chromosome!" 
Would they have changed their minds?  
Would it change yours?

My desire is to change minds. To educate. To love. To accept. To kick stereotypes and misconceptions in the butt. 

They say a picture's worth a thousands words...

...What if we just needed one.



  1. Love it! Good word to us all!

  2. Amber- I'm loving your blog! , Heather

  3. Great post!
    And I also think that it's quite unfortunate that John Langdon Down was the one to identify the syndrome. Seriously. How much cooler would it be if his last name had been Upp?