Tuesday, April 10, 2012


As promised, here is our Easter Sunday in a nutshell: Food, Family, Friends and a Fantastic Church Service. 

Our day started with a visit from the Easter bunny. 

I love that church on Easter calls for the extra effort to
 break out the big guns. 
Like hats. 

The rest of our day basically consisted of going from one meal to the next. We ate our weight in ham and deviled eggs, skipped naps and enjoyed the company of new friends, old friends and some of the Motley Crew.

It's always amazing and somewhat baffling to me how everyone and their brother-in-law goes to church on Easter. Churches break out the big guns to join with the attendees and everyone seems to leave with a different perspective - good or bad. Sometimes lives change dramatically and God works in mighty ways. Sometimes we go because we have to. Either way, church is the epitome of Easter. Everybody knows it. 
As Christians, though, Easter is the day. 
The day God rocked the world. 
The day that makes our faith... faith. 
The reason we believe what we believe. 
The big guns. 

Hope you and yours enjoyed every minute. Tell me about your big guns. Hope yours included hats. 

Oh and P.S. This guy will be home on Sunday. That's right. Family of three, baby. Woot!


  1. Can we take a minute and talk about how FABULOUS you look and how freakin' awesome your arms are!! OW OWWW Hot Mama alert!!!

  2. His Easter outfit is PRECIOUS! And yes, you are a hott mama! :-)