Sunday, April 15, 2012


I may or may not have started today by jumping out of bed at 6:45 (amazing, I know), breaking into "O Happy Day" and skipping all the way to Ben's room to proclaim to his one year old mind that today was Daddy day.

I gathered up my excitement and took it to the airport. My heart pitter-pattering the whole way, of course. Ben's excitement was evident by his power nap on the way. Too much excitement to handle, so pass out. I get it. 

It's always amazing how easy coming home becomes when you do it a time or two (or six). Picking up where we left off, moving toward the normalcy we crave throughout the three months we spend apart, and catching up on life-esque things.

Like Micah in the kitchen. 

I mean, I can cook. But Micah? Dude can cook.

Our day has consisted of a whole lot of nothing. We've taken naps, watched Whitney and talked about what we'll be doing for the next month. It's been grand.

Happy Today.

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