Saturday, April 21, 2012


We rocked it today. Since being one is a big deal, we decided it only appropriate to celebrate for weeks on end. Who says a birthday only comes once a year? Plus Daddy is home. And that's a big deal, too. Big deals call for big celebrations. With cake.

The rockstar theme idea began with this picture.

I mean, come on. The sucker puts Mr. Simmons to shame. Throw on a gnarly black wig and some face paint and Dude could go on tour. So, we rocked it. With pride. 

No rockstar party is complete without a band. So, we rocked that too. (Not quite as proudly). 

Add in some of the Motley Crew, sprinkle in some Aunts and Uncles and presto - 
recipe for a kick butt birthday. 

And just to reiterate the cake part...

We rocked Dude's first birthday just like we will continue to rock his awesome differences. Don't forget to donate to the National Down Syndrome Society by clicking on that infamous Simmons-esque picture on the left side of this blog. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to those who have so generously shared their hard earned cash in support of Ben and his buddies. 

Keep rockin' that somethin' extra, Big Man. 
We love you and we will celebrate with you for the next lifetime of birthdays.  

Nighty Night.

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