Saturday, June 2, 2012

Right Now

I know where Micah is and I know what a dangerous place it can be. Sometimes we forget that we're still at war. People shoot at us, we shoot back. I get it. But when you get a phone call and the voice on the other end begins with, "I'm coming home," you stop in your tracks. Your roller coaster ride hits the breaks and the voice on the loud speaker mumbles something about "Everybody get off." 
The short version is that Micah's reaction and shaken phone call was based off of incorrect information. When the dust settled and what actually happened began to surface, the idea of coming home right now dwindled. He's not hurt. Life is not beyond repair. We just derailed for about 15 hours. 
He will, however, be home in August. That's all that matters right now. 

In Benjamin news, we made it through the bladder test. Dude's got a diverticulum attached to his bladder. It's basically a pouch that's not supposed to be there. The test was to determine whether or not it was storing waste. If it is, we have a problem. We will follow up with the urologist soon and hopefully find out what the next step will be. That's all that matters right now. 

Life is good. Bumps in the road happen. Ours just feel like mountains sometimes. And that's okay. It takes a village to raise a child, right? My village always pulls through. Sometimes I doubt that fact and wonder what God's trying to teach me, but then it pulls through. And that's all that matters right now. 

Happy Weekend. 


  1. Will continue to pray for your family! I love the picture of Micah and Ben!! It is priceless! Hugs from Texas!

  2. I love you my dear dear friend!! Always in my prayers, always!