Monday, June 11, 2012


It's a valley. That's how I would describe the last few weeks of life. We've been here before. God shakes up the snow globe and we just wait for it to settle. The waiting, though? Hardest part.
Some of you have heard directly or through the grapevine what happened on June 1st. If you haven't heard the details, well... tough. It's not something I can broadcast. Just know that the snow globe got blown up and we're working hard trying to pick up the pieces.
People have been asking how we're doing. We're exhausted. Physically, mentally, spiritually, relationally. Just freaking tired. It's been a long two years. We're thankful there's an end in sight, thankful that the end is more than just a fleeting thought; we just don't know what kind of end it's going to be.
With that said, we need your help. We have to get Micah home. If you know of a job opportunity for him anywhere in the continental United States, holler at me. Like literally - grab a blow horn and give your vocal cords a workout. If that doesn't work, email me or shoot me a Facebook message. If you'd like more information about what Micah does and what he's qualified for, add that to the blow horn holler.

There ya have it. Life as we know it currently. We appreciate the prayers and outpouring of bear hugs. Keep 'em coming.

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