Thursday, July 26, 2012


As I stare into a neatly stacked pile of brown boxes packed with all of our belongings, my heart is heavy. This odd feeling of bittersweet has become an all too common occurrence around here. It began the day Micah came home. The thrilling adventure of the end was somewhat overshadowed with the passing of our dear Poppa. Not thirty minutes post airport, we got the phone call that Dottie and Poppa were back together again. Our shoulders may have been empty, but soon to be filled with the stresses we had been ignoring. Like moving. Our lease is up so we have to get out. Embarrassingly enough, we didn't see this coming. We knew we'd be moving; we didn't anticipate not having a place of our own to move to. Micah is home. Our family is together. It's the sweet part. Everything else needs a few packets of sweet n' low.

So we might be a little bit broken. We might be a little bit homeless. We might be a little bit impatient. The way I see it hasn't changed, really. You've got two choices: you either smile or you don't. You do what you gotta do. You buck up and push on. You thank God for the little things and trust Him with everything in between.

Back to packing I go.
Gonna grab some sweet n' low while I'm at it.
 Happy Day.  

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