Monday, July 16, 2012

The End

I had pictured the moment a million times in my head. Sitting with the crowd of fellow waiters, checking my phone every 5 seconds, doing double takes with every tall, blue eyed boy that walks by to make sure I don't miss him. It happened just like the picture. I run, jump and hold on tight. I cry. He laughs that I'm crying. We smile at the audience and walk hand in hand to baggage claim.
"And so it ends." You have no idea how good it felt to type those words that day. It ends. My husband is home. For good. I never have to see an unfamiliar phone number and answer it with sweaty palms. No more sandbox. No more war. No more rockets. No more nightmares. No more news stories. It ends.
There was a moment this weekend that brought it all together for me. We ventured to Cracker Barrel for a birthday breakfast with my parents. [Micah turned 27 yesterday]. Per usual, we spent a few minutes in the rocking chairs. I sat there marveling at my boys. The only thought I had was, "There's nowhere else I'd rather be right now." The weights I'd been sporting for the last two years found a new place to reside. My shoulders are empty, my heart is full and my family is back together. Regardless of what lies ahead for us, we are resting in the fact that we'll be doing it together. And life will be good. Together.
In other news, Ben's surgery went well. Mr. Urologist was pleased with the 3.5 hour surgery and had high hopes for my Benjamin. Jan told me weeks ago that she had witnessed many a surgery in her years of therapy. "You'll be amazed at how quickly he'll bounce back." She wasn't kidding. Despite the two incredibly hard days at the hospital, I was certainly amazed at my little dude's normal, acrobatic ability just three days post battle wound. It's remarkable to see such a big scar in his little body and then watch him maneuver around like nothing happened. I'm grateful, though. Dude is brave. God is good.
This week? We get to know each other again. We figure out how to think long term. We pray hard and hang on tight.

Consider this the end of the chapter 5. Goodnight.

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  1. Praise God that such a thing exists! Empty shoulders, long term thinking, resting in the NOW instead of bracing for the future... Thank Jesus that these things exist. You are amazing and strong. Love u girl