Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Tomorrow is the day. Surgery is on the horizon and my nerves are pretty shot. So shot, in fact, that when Micah told me he was coming home a day early, I actually had a split second of fear that I wouldn't be able to pick him up from the airport due to the fact that Ben may still be in the hospital. Mama Bear instincts have taken over with this chick. I'm still learning how to let go of the reins. Allowing people to help me is not my forte. It took me all morning to convince myself that I needed help when I couldn't manage to get my 102 degree feverish body off the couch to get Ben's lunch out of the fridge a few weeks ago. In addition to opening my own door, I usually politely say, "I'm good" instead of letting the bag boy help me get my groceries in the car. Asking for help is just not my thing, so when I do... people drop what they're doing and run. 'Cause they know it's serious.
So I'm asking for your help. I need your prayers. I need your support. I need your encouragement. I'm overwhelmed and could use a little help carrying the load. I'm stoked Micah's coming home! Seriously - it's in the top 10 of awesome moments. But, on the flip side, there are so many big things facing our lives right now that it's hard to remember what's happening in the small things.
As far as surgery details: Ben will be under the knife for 2.5 - 3 hours and then we will be camping out at the hospital 2 - 3 days post procedure. Since Micah can't be here, my parents are coming up so I don't have to face it alone. If you're in the area and you'd like more information about visiting, message me via Facebook or shoot me an email.

Ben developmental update: He was reevaluated via Mrs. Jan last week and her exact words were, "If it wasn't for his diagnosis, he probably wouldn't even qualify for Early Steps because of how well he's doing." Mama Bear roar. He's also pulling up on everything and is quite proud of himself. 

Photos via Instagram: Follow me @ambertwebb

In other news, Miss Blog has reached her 19,000th view. Dude. Overwhelmed with gratitude and humbled that so many of you have shared and enjoyed our story. I've said it before, but when I started this journey I had no intentions of sharing it with the world. I've been writing for years. It's just a part of my make up. I'd rather write a ten page paper than work a math problem any day. That's not to say that I'm entirely confident in my ability. So thank you for reading. Thank you for encouraging. Thank you for allowing me to write down my heart - good, bad and ugly.

I'm looking forward to continuing to share the next chapter. Until then.

"If you've got a book in you, for God's sake -write it!"


  1. Big time prayers for you, my friend! Plus, Riley is trying to keep up with any jobs to send to Micah (I will too, he just gets more news about stuff like that than I do) :-)

  2. I've been lurking for awhile and just wanted you to know how much Ben is an inspiration to Nico & I.Sending you so much love & prayers and hoping for a speedy recovery for sweet Ben.Hang in there Mama everything's gonna be alright;)