Thursday, August 16, 2012


My cousins lost their house a few weeks ago. When I say lost, I mean a tree fell and destroyed everything but the beds they were sleeping in. The devastation was unbelievable. Truly blessed to be alive, they've been digging through rubble trying to put their lives back together piece by piece. They found some Christmas ornaments last week. As big as Christmas is in our family,  I know what a cool discovery that must've been.
Sometimes that's how Happy works. She's always there. Sometimes you have to dig for her; sometimes she's hiding underneath what seems to be a devastating mess, but she's always there. Just waiting. A bit like hide and go seek.
That's what we've been learning. Being Bedouins is fun for the first 48 hours. No real plan, no place to be, the world is your oyster. You think of it like a vacation. Then you stop and realize that a vacation is only a vacation when you have a home to return to. 'Cause there's no place like home, right? Some days are discouraging. Happy hides behind a broken fender and reality is hard. No emails, no chance of  the vacation being over, still no plan and the oyster turns out not to be as open as you thought.  But Happy's still there. You'll hear her giggle or see her run behind a tree. She'll remind you to smile even when you don't want to. She'll whisper things like "Good always outweighs bad" and "Look at that rainbow." Happy knows what's up.

Here's what Happy looks like right now...


Photos taken via Instagram. Follow me @ambertwebb

Happy wants you to find her. She might have a really good hiding place, but she's there. Can you hear her laugh? 

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  1. She's deep in your heart when you know the Lord. JOY is her name.
    Love you three!!