Friday, August 10, 2012


We've said a lot of hard goodbyes over the years. We said a very hard goodbye yesterday. It was one of those that you're ready for, but it still feels like a Mack truck hit you in the gut. Remember that scene in The Parent Trap?  That's what I pictured in my head as that moment began to unfold. We said what we could muster up, hugged more than we needed to and waved in the rain. 
Ben will miss his Uncle Pete and Aunt Ashley. 
I'll miss my brother and sister. 

Emotions have been running high. The coming home part was easy. The "not having a home" part is another story. Micah should be home. We know that. Micah survived something he shouldn't have. We know that, too. But when it rains, it pours. 
And when you cry, you cry a lot. 

I just want to be settled. I want my baby to sleep in his own crib. I want to put groceries away in my own refrigerator. I want somebody somewhere to realize what an awesome asset Micah would be for their company. I want my hubcap back. I want my fender dent free. I want to relax on a beach somewhere. 
But when it rains, it pours. 

I like the rain. But I like the rain when I know the sun will come out afterward. I know it will someday. But when it rains... it pours. 

My dad says this will pass. I'd be okay with that. 

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  1. I am feeling similar, as if it is all pouring down at once. Thanks for sharing your own struggles. God will bring us through the storms with a testimony we could have never imagined. So in the midst of the storm, that is what I have to be excited for and looking forward to, as walk through the storm reminding myself that God is always with me as it pours and floods.