Monday, August 27, 2012


Have you ever taken a walk with a child? You're holding their hand, taking in the moment, pointing out cool things to look at and talking about the colors. Suddenly something happens and they get scared. They'll do one of two things: climb up you like a monkey or let go of your hand and book it in the opposite direction. If they choose the latter, you'd run to catch them. Reassurance would be needed and that safe hand to hold would be essential. Eventually, you'd get back on the path and talk about how that thing wasn't so scary after all.
I'm still learning. I just wanted to point that out. I'm okay with it. Learning brings with it this ying and yang effect. The black versus white; the simple versus complicated. I've had to relearn some things about my faith. Deciphering what I believe and why I believe it; it's not always easy. I keep trying to figure out this simple versus complicated thing. Is Jesus simple or is He complicated? Is living out my faith simple or complicated? What's the big deal and why can't I come to a conclusion?
Why? Because it's both. Are there complicated things in the Christian life that we don't always have the answers for? Yes. Are some things simple? Yes.
Things are simple when you need them to be. I've been needing them to be simple lately. Life has been on the scary side. The camel's back has been broken at least a dozen times and the poor fella can't handle much more.
This happens to me almost every time I get scared and book it in the other direction: We go to church and church is good. It's always the same message. Jesus died for me. Jesus loves me. The end. It's simple. It's what I need to hear. It's Him taking me by the hand, getting me back on the path, pointing to the cross and saying, "Hey, see what I did for you? I love you. I got this," as He wipes my tears.

He's got this. Phew. Take a break, Mr. camel.


  1. So beautiful and so very true. We (I know me) tend to make it more complicated than it is and we don't trust Him the way we always should. I really enjoy your stories, they put things in perspective for me :-) Thank you!!

  2. God makes it simple--we make it complicated! I love your words. One of my sisters and one of my brothers were Downs. Someone said something very wise about them--they would never be "sophisticated" enough to doubt the presence of God in their lives. I wish I could live as simply as they did.