Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Good Feelings

It's December. I'm so pumped. I was listening to the radio yesterday (Christmas music, of course) and I cried a little when I heard this song. On one hand, I'm SO grateful this doesn't apply to us this year but on the other hand, I get it. It hits home and makes my heart ache. So all you military/contractor families out there - you are not forgotten, my friends.
Micah will be home this year, Ben is at a fun "let's rip paper" stage, and my parents will be here to celebrate with us. I love Christmas and everything that goes with it. Magical moments filled with new loves and old traditions. Bing, Frank and Louis contributing to my nostalgia while I reminisce about past holidays with family and friends. Hot cocoa and a roaring fire this year.
Our tree is up and decorated, our house lights up the street (because apparently we're the only festive ones around here) and our stockings are actually hung by the chimney with care. Dude. My heart could possibly explode with good feelings.

Speaking of good feelings (and in case you missed the Facebook announcement)...

Mr. Benjamin is going to be a big brother! True story. Come mid July, we will be a family of four. Outside of some sleepy eyes and random "I don't feel awesome" days, Mini Webb and I are doing very well. 

Ben is doing well, too. We are still working on getting his little legs to take off in a walking fashion, but it won't be long. He's as cute and sweet as ever. I feel more blessed everyday to be his Mama and I'm looking forward to watching him settle into his big bro role. 

Alas, Michael Buble has a Christmas carol with my name on it. I must leave you. 

Until next time... 
Happy December!

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