Monday, February 11, 2013


I love waking up to a clean house. The calm before the toddler, as it were. It's a constant reminder that I'm home - something I took for granted for the first eighteen months of Benjamin's life. Half way through my college career, I had a meltdown. I've never been one to enjoy school, but I knew it was important to finish. I sat down with my advisor and told her that I just wanted to be a mom. "I want to raise good kids that love Jesus. I don't need this degree." That was right after I decided to switch majors from Elementary Ed to Child Development. I didn't know it, but God knew what He was doing with that degree and I'm constantly reminded of that. God's got a hand in it all... whether we see it or not.

I've been reminded of a lot of things lately. To appreciate, to be present, to leave worrying with the dogs, to be thankful, to choose Happy and to love.

I'm not the kind of mom that's going to correct you when you say "Down syndrome baby." I won't jump down your throat if you say "retarded." I won't be writing Matt Lauer a letter and I'm not surprised at all with the way he congratulated a couple on their recently negative test for Down syndrome.
Just like a lot of issues that arise within a church body, I know anger and judgement won't fix it. Does it hurt my heart? Absolutely. Do I wish people viewed Down syndrome differently? Absolutely. But I can't change the whole world at once. What I can do is hug those Mama's that just found out. I can let Ben's smile make you melt. I can pray for the Doctor's encouraging parents to get rid of the extra chromosome and start from scratch. I can answer questions the best I know how. And I can love. One blog at a time.

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  1. Benjamin is so handsome! I just wrote a post about an encounter I had yesterday while at the store with my Isabelle. I so wish we could change the world and the perception it has about Down Syndrome but we can't. We just have to love. Thanks for the reminder.