Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I've developed this bad habit. I start to write something and then I question what I'm writing. "What if this doesn't make sense? What if I'm wrong? What if nobody cares? What if..." Then I give up and promise to pick up where I left off later. Promises, promises.
The thing is, the Lord has been working in a lot of ways in my life. Ways that I probably won't ever share with the world because I don't quite know how to put them into words. Situations I'm not expecting make me do one of two things: Talk about it or shut up. Simply put, this has been a quiet time in my life. Reflecting on the last few years, thanking God for what He's brought us through and looking ahead to see what adventure could unfold next.
So with 37 minutes left of battery on my computer, a dirty diaper waiting to be changed and a growing little girl poking me from the inside, here's what I'll leave you with:
There's this saying, "God's not going to give you more than you can handle." Heard it? It's not true. The idea that the trials and tribulations of this life aren't going to kick your butt and that you'll be able to handle it all just fine is, bluntly, a load of crap. Life is hard sometimes. It just is. Nowhere did God say it wouldn't be. So "God's not going to give you more than you can handle?" Bull.

If God didn't give you things you wouldn't be able to handle... You wouldn't need God. Knowing you won't be able to do life on your own is, truthfully, what's most important. Learning to surrender to your Creator and let Him take the "more than you can handle" is one of the most important and humbling messages you can grab on to. So hold on tight, friends.

God is still God. Life is still good. Normal is still a matter of opinion.

Happy Wednesday! (And a very Happy Anniversary to my parents! Way to show us how it's done. Love you!)