Friday, August 2, 2013


She had hands that felt like marshmallows and a Texas drawl that put all others to shame. Ms. Nancy was my first experience with School for Little Children in the Spring of 2005 and she taught me a very valuable lesson: Slow down. As soon as those rambunctious three year olds entered her classroom, it was as if they were all put under a spell. They were calm. I knew from that first afternoon that I was not in Kansas (or Florida) anymore. Life was viewed differently here and I best strap on my spurs and... slow down. I never heard Ms. Nancy raise her voice to those children and she was never in a hurry to get anywhere. She let the kids be kids. We played all afternoon with a few structured activities thrown in for good measure. She taught me the value of staying calm in stressful situations and the importance of taking it easy. I may forget her name someday, but I won't ever forget her spirit.

The more babies I have, the more I'm realizing the pendulum swing between joy and desperation. I'm sure I'm all alone in this, but the first few weeks of getting to know a new baby can throw you for a loop. I have two healthy, beautiful children and I know what a blessing that is, but there are still those moments of, "I love my kids... but." It's an attitude I'm working on and, truth be told, Ben is shining some light on the subject.
Dude loves his sister: seen especially when she's not a happy camper. His whole world comes to a crashing halt when she's crying. He brings blankets, pacifiers, diapers; anything nearby that he thinks would make Sister smile again. When those things don't do the trick, he just lays his head on her chest. It's his way of "giving her a kiss" and trying to make it all okay again. Just like Ms. Nancy and her three year olds, you never see him annoyed or frustrated with the situation. There's none of this, "I love her but..." There's just love. That's all.

If I'm being honest, I've had moments of desperation. Both kids needing me at the same time and not knowing how to help either one. Crying, praying and trying to get my hormonal emotions out of the way so I can think logically. "I love my kids, but I don't know what to do."
Being a mom is hard sometimes. Those moments of joy can sometimes get clouded by the moments desperation and we can easily forget why God says these little lives are precious gifts.
It's all about the attitude. Even if you don't have kids, it's easy to forget that life is good, isn't it? When something goes wrong or doesn't turn out the way you always thought it would, it's easy to forget how to slow down and be thankful. "I love my ________ but..."

Oh... And aren't you glad God doesn't say that? I am.

Moral of the story: stop and smell the salt water today. 
Or if roses are more your speed, sniff away. Just stop. 


  1. Good stuff here, twinners! just what I needed.