Monday, September 30, 2013


Ben's newest thing is finding body parts. "Where's Ben's nose?" is a common phrase around here. Now, though, he has to find Sisters nose, Mama's nose, Daddy's nose, Uncle Craig's nose... you get the idea. I was watching him do this the other day; just one of those sit back and watch moments. It struck me like this: Ben has no idea he's different. The way he sees it, everybody's got a nose. We've all got two ears, two eyes and a belly button. Even though he can't tell me what he thinks yet, I can see it through that jolly, unforgettable grin. "We're all the same. Sweet!"

Sometimes I get lost in the idea that my kids are going to be in the different category as they grow up, and I get anxious about how I'm going to explain that to them someday. It might sound silly, but I think I'll approach it like I do everything else: find the good. "You're a little different than your friends, but look... Kate has two ears, two eyes and a belly button. Just. Like. You."

Heavens to Betsy - we're all made in His likeness. There's a super cool common thread right there. Just like Happy and Good are always there, Common is there, too. Sometimes Common stands out like a sore thumb (literally); sometimes he hides behind almond eyes. But Common? Oh, he's there.

We're more alike than different. Ben gets it. Do you?


  1. Great thoughts. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love these beautiful true words!

  3. Amen. Ben is uncommon as a person as well. One person who knew my little sister observed that she was truly blessed--her life would always be filled with such innocence and trust that she would never doubt that there was a God and that He loved her. Can we common folk always claim that blessing?

  4. If the world was filled with one color, If all the flowers were one color it would not be so beautiful. That's why every thing is beautiful in his own way