Monday, October 14, 2013


Forgive the rant that's about to take place, but it's been a heck of a month and we're not even half way through it. Albeit, it could be the utter exhaustion I'm currently experiencing (no sleep makes everything worse), but I'd be okay with 2013 being over now. Micah has been gone more than he's been home, Benjamin somehow contracted croup with a touch of pneumonia, Alexis has decided sleeping through the night is no longer her thing and Lawd help us all - we've got a mouse invasion to top it all off. Stick a fork in me 'cause this Mama is done.  

Rant over. 

It's safe to say Happy's been hiding reeeally well lately. At the same time, prayers have been answered, people have been more helpful than I could even process and God is still God

Do you get that? 

People have remarked that they can't believe how strong my faith has been over the last few years. Faith in Jesus is easy. Just because I'm going through tough times doesn't mean God stops being God. I chuckle when I think about where I used to be in my walk with God. I didn't always believe that He is who He claims to be. If things like this had happened to me ten years ago, I probably would've been in this perpetual state of, "God's out to get me." I was raised to believe that I had to dress a certain way, believe a certain way, talk a certain way and go to a certain type of church for God to love me. I thought for a very, very long time that it was that way or the highway. I saw people get shunned and ostracized for believing differently and it took a Bible professor in college to make me see how judgmental and wrong my beliefs were. We put so much pressure on ourselves and other people because we feel like God wants things a certain way when, in reality, He just wants you. Tired, tattered, bruised, confused, angry, 'ol you. He has this amazing power and privilege to change hearts. Jesus died to save you - not your clothes. It has absolutely nothing to do with what you wear, what you listen to or what church you attend. Jesus loves you for you. Heck - He made you, so He must think you're pretty cool.   

Second rant over. *steps off soapbox*

The last few months of the year are always my favorite. Here's to a better week. 

A few Happy snippets... 

Huge last minute THANK YOU to those who have helped me this week (specifically my MIL), and for those who were a part of our Ben-Jammin' Buddy Walk
 team this year! 

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  1. And Breathe!

    I totally understand the need to rant for a minute. Sometimes just getting the junk out of my head helps.

    So you want to know what's funny? My Tuesday night bible study is diving into Galatians. And this week the Chapter was all about judgmental Jewish Christians trying to conform Gentiles into Jewish law (specifically here circumcision). He called them out for making it hard to get to Christ. He reminded it is by Faith we are saved not by acts. Kind of interesting your Blog is talking about judgmental belief and I happened to be studying the same thing. Sounds like your old church wanted to be exclusive and not inclusive just like in Galatians.