Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Dear Planned Parenthood: Stop Killing My Kids

I have wrestled and agonized over this post for weeks. I even wrote one, launched it, posted it on Facebook and took it down a couple hours later. Truth is, as much as I'd like to, I just can't seem to approach this without being angry and in your face, so I'm just going to be angry and in your face. If you are a Planned Parenthood supporter, a pro-abortion advocate, if you've had an abortion or you're thinking about having one... just know that ultimately you are loved so graciously and know that there is a way out of whatever you're facing. Just take it in stride. One step at a time. One step away from Planned Parenthood. You can do it.  

Dear Planned Parenthood,

While I fully believe that your entire viewpoint is flawed and hateful, I also fully believe that you are loved by a gracious God. You probably have people like me writing to you everyday. You've probably heard things like this a hundred times by now, especially since the start of this new debate. But this is how I get emotions out.

And this is me angry.

I've seen the videos. At this point, who hasn't, right? We're at number six now and nothing's changed in the message behind them. You're selling body parts for profit whether or not you're ever convicted. We've seen you sifting through piles of parts, naming each one, assessing the quality and labeling how much you think you'll get for them. We've heard the callousness in your voice, we've seen you chuckle and joke about what you're doing.

Listen, I get it. It's your job. Nothing more; nothing less. You've become numb to the idea that these "tissues" actually have a heartbeat you're stopping. You've convinced yourselves that they're not actually important and you count on the fact that others will believe that, too. And it's working for you. It's worked for you since 1973.

You're proud of what you're doing and that right there... that's the problem. 

Here's my take on all this. I'll make it simple. Are you ready?

You're murdering my kids.

With every new video, that's immediately where my mind goes. I hear, "This one's a 15 weeker... 18 weeker... 21 weeker" and I think, "I wonder what was wrong with them."

The fact of the matter is that, though many are aborted out of convenience, many, many, many more are aborted because of a diagnosis that may or may not even be true in the end. Down syndrome statistics alone are at a staggering 90% or higher in their abortion rate. And I get it. Hearing a diagnosis is tough. It's gut wrenching. If you can convince these Mama's that they can avoid that kind of heartache, then you've got them hooked, right?

So, congratulations. You've successfully convinced entire generations that these children... my children aren't actually worth having. You've managed to "counsel" mothers into believing that they have the right to decide what their perfect family looks like. You've even convinced the government that murder is worth funding with our tax dollars. I'd say you deserve a hell of a clap for that one. Well played.

Here's the deal, though. It doesn't have to be this way. You don't have to do this. You can stop convincing, stop the nervous laughter, stop feeling numb, stop this crazy mindset any time you want. You don't have to be proud. You have to know it's not okay. Everybody knows you're killing babies and everybody knows murder is not okay and yet here we still sit, with more and more abortions taking place every single day.

Here's an idea. How about instead of pushing women to abort their babies, we tell them they have other choices. How about giving them actual, productive counsel instead of just giving them papers to fill out. How about letting them meet Mama's who get it. How about instead of just saying you're helping women... how about you actually help them.

These videos have launched the pro-life movement farther than we've been in decades. We're working hard at getting into the driver's seat and we won't stop fighting to get there.

I guess we've just figured that if you're not going to back down... neither are we.

Good luck.


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