Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Reward

The conversation went something like this:

Him - "I think we're done [having kids]. What about you?"
Me - "Yeah, we won't be having any more of our own. I'd love to adopt one day, though."
Him - "It's just the older we get, the higher the risks, ya know?"
Me - "Right..."

The "risks." I knew exactly what that man at the park meant when he said that to me. Statistics tell us that the older the woman, the higher the risks for chromosomal issues.

You know... things like Down syndrome and cystic fibrosis.

I just chuckled. It's all I could do. After all, that man didn't know me from Adam's house cat so how could he have known my story? My children?

I heard the fear in his voice. With two perfectly healthy girls, it was terrifying for him to imagine what it would be like if that wasn't his reality. I watched him chase those sweet girls all around the playground and then my eyes ventured to my own kids. Playing, laughing, enjoying being together and my heart leapt with pure joy followed by a gentle ache. 

Because I get it. I get where he's coming from. I get where you're all coming from. You probably say those words often. "Thank God they're healthy." I commend you and I'm grateful you can say that. I would never wish sickness or hardship on anyone. It sucks. I get it. 

But then I think about my babies and how grateful I am for where Jesus has brought me because of them. A part of my heart wishes everyone could experience that reality. That precious transition from anger to laughter, pain to joy, fear to faith, heartache to hope. There's just nothing like the power in God's mighty hand and the way He can turn what seems like a disaster into something that showcases His strength so beautifully. 

That "risk?" That risk is why organizations like Planned Parenthood stay in business. That risk is why so many women fear the unknown and choose to never face it. 

But oh, my dear friend, please know... this sweet reward is far greater than that pesky risk. 

You are loved.

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